Items Database for World of Warcraft™

Items Database for WoW™

The perfect solution for all players of the most popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. The program is a huge database of items and NPCs of World of Warcraft with a detailed description.

Available on the AppStore

A huge Items & Recipes Database

This application will be a good assistant for both experienced players and beginners. In addition, it is fully optimised to work on all mobile devices from Apple and works OFFLINE, which means that you can use it anywhere, anytime!

See what reviewers say about this app:

"Perfect Update
Every item that ever existed in wow is within the app now :D"
-- Calvin21

"Large Data Base!
It's new, needs some work, slightly slow. But definitely worth its price."
-- RangerDOS

It's just what I was looking for."
-- hasasal


More than 50,000 items with a detailed description and features.


A large database of recipes with description and ingredients.


You can see NPCs drop, its description, and where to find it on the map.


Items, recipes and NPCs have relationship with each other, it means that you can easily switch, for example, between the item and its recipe, ingredients of this recipe, and finally the monster from which these ingredients can be dropped and where it is.

Filters & Sorting

Implemented display filters and sorting for the convenience of using the app.


This allows you to instantly jump to your interest.

Updates history

Posted 17 Oct, 2013

  • Introduced NPCs Database
  • Complete information for each NPC (stats, locations, drop for different modes, etc.)
  • Easy connection between items and NPCs

  • Updated items database for last game patch
  • Update UI for iPad, now you can hide left navigation view
  • Increased productivity

  • Fixed bugs

Posted 22 Aug, 2013

  • Increased productivity

  • Fixed bugs

Posted 17 Aug, 2013

  • Reworked app from the start
  • New database data structure
  • New UI
  • New sorting and searching system
  • Items and Recipes: now there is a relationship between them
  • New icon

  • Update database for the latest game patch
  • Improved items filters
  • Increased productivity

  • Fixed bugs

Posted 22 Feb, 2012

  • Birthday :)