Database for TERA™

Database for TERA™

This app was developed for players of popular MMORPG TERA Online™. It's a global database for the game,  where you will find a lot of helpful informations, articles, stats etc. Database completely works OFFLINE.

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Awesome TERA Database

The app doesn't require Internet Connections, meaning you can use it when you want. It's fully optimised to work on all mobile devices from Apple. Made by players for players.

See what reviewers say about this app:

"Tera Database App Rocks.
I got this app when I started to really get into Tera. It gives a great guide for my class which I really needed. It also gives me a bunch of information about my spells and my friends spell/combos. And another great part is all the information about the items in Tera. Unfortunately the author makes it a little confusing at places but it doesn't matter because you have all this info!"
-- *_da momo_*

The best app for tera online. The new glyph builder is awesome!!! Único app pro tera, cumpre oq promete."
-- Anonanon166

"Great information and very detailed guides.
Very good guide overall."
-- Damo116

Skills & Glyph Builder

We put all skills and glyphs of the game to the app for each profession with fully skill description and image. So you can learn how this skill works, and view all its stats like: damage, area of effect, recharge time, range, duration, glyph, etc. You can make a personal build for your character and save it.

Items & Recipes

All items and recipes, which have a relationship between them. Also there are full info about item or recipe (bonuses, characteristic, ingredients, stats, description and other). The app has a very comfortable sort that can be customized to your taste (sorted by name, rarity, level, etc).

Articles & Guides

There are a lot of useful and nice guides which will be useful for both novice and experienced players. Each profession has its own personal guide, in addition, the presence of such sections as PvP, dungeons, instances, money and others.


A large number of maps that are conveniently sorted by category.


Follow the latest news from the world of TERA.

Updates history

Posted 10 Nov, 2013

  • Fixed bugs

Posted 5 Nov, 2013

  • Updated UI and Design
  • Increased productivity

  • Fixed bugs

Posted 25 Aug, 2013

  • Increased productivity

  • Fixed bugs

Posted 13 Aug, 2013

  • Added connections between Recipe and its Ingedients/Crafting Item
  • Different colour for each item grade
  • New Guides and Articles

  • Database was updated for the latest game patch
  • Increased productivity

  • Fixed visual bugs in items details view
  • Fixed bugs

Posted 22 Mar, 2013

  • Added Skills and Glyphs Builder
  • New Guides and Articles

  • Increased productivity

  • Fixed bugs

Posted 11 Mar, 2013

  • Birthday :)